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Mac's Music

F loyd County master musician and luthier Mac Traynham is best known for his banjo building and playing, as well as his fine fiddling. He has been playing and teaching traditional music in Floyd, Virginia for decades and is a wealth of knowledge about the history of our local music traditions.

Here are a few samples to get a taste of Mac’s style:

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“The tunes I choose are ones found in the repertoire of some old-timers – primarily from Floyd, Franklin, and Carroll Counties. This region is special to me because it is my home and it seems to me that the native old-time music here has been under rated. These tune nuggets are in their natural state; perhaps a bit rough, with some dirt and generally unpolished. Yet, their value is immense to me as I listen to this stuff and more daily, trying to get the details in my head so it affects my sound in a positive way.”

Mac’s Discography

Merry Mountain Hoedown

In 2014, Mac, Jenny (wife) and Hanna (daughter) released an album consisting of Ol’ Time tunes sourced near their home in Southwest Virginia. Not only is the playing skillful, they have an obvious love for the regional music and traditional playing styles, yet they fully make it their own.

Turkey in the Mountain

In 2009, Mac and fiddler Shay Garriock released a CD featuring several of their banjo and fiddle duets on Mac’s own Southern Mountain melodies label.

Never Grow Old

In 2008, Mac and Jenny Traynham performed 15 songs as a tribute to these original artists and more: Tenneva Ramlers – The Skillet Lickers – Ernest Stoneman – Kid Smith – The Delmore Brothers – Fields Ward – Albert Brumley – The Kimble Family – The Carter Family

The Sweetest Way Home

Recorded in 2007, The Sweetest Way Home features Old Time gospels and duets. Ably performed, as they are here, these songs of antique yet eternal human sentiment draw you inside them.

When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland

This 2007 recording consists of energetic Old-time Country/Pre-Bluegrass vocal duets of rare songs from the Golden Era with lead and back-up guitar and harmonica breaks.

I’m Going that Way

In 2005, a CD collection of Mac’s music was released on the Copper Creek label showcasing Mac’s diversity as an old-time musician entitled “I’m Going that Way”.

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“You might think Mac's just a quiet fellow, likes to go about his day in a private manner… then you notice the twinkle in his eye. That eye appreciates everything that's goin' on as well as every detail he chooses to address. Mac sees his work in a very practical sense. With his background in wood working, he knows the ingredients to a successful instrument. What's remarkable is how his beautiful, simple designs can be so powerful! Being a ribbon-winning, natural musician also plays into the mix.”

Craig EvansNovember 12, 2013
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