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For Sale

Banio #169

$2,650 + tax

  • Curley Maple w/shaded nitro lacquer finish
  • Black Paperstone
  • 25½” scale length
  • 1¼” wide nut
  • Gotoh tuners
  • 12″ diameter rim
  • Nickel Hardware
  • 4 ply rim
  • Fiberskyn head
  • 4″ brass tone ring
  • Elk Horn nut
  • Hawktail tailpiece
  • Mac Bridge fingerboard
  • Medium Guage D-Addario strings
  • Hardshell Bump case included
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Banio #168

$2,750 + tax

  • Apple neck and rim w/ Tru-Oil finish
  • Bolivian Rosewood fingerboard & trim
  • Green veneer accent
  • 25.5″ scale
  • Evo Gold frets
  • Gotoh tuners w/ tortoise buttons
  • 11″ diameter rim
  • Raw Brass Hardware
    • Stewart style shoes
    • Northstar Tailpiece
  • 5/16″ brass tone ring
  • Buckhorn Nut
  • Mac Bridge
  • Medium gauge
  • D’Addario strings
  • Hardshell Bump case included
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Banio #166 (fretless)

$2,600 + tax

  • Curley Maple w/ shaded Nitro lacquer finish
  • Black Paperstone fingerboard and trim
  • Gotoh tuners
  • 11″ rim
  • Standard nickel hardware
  • Fiberskyn head
  • ¼” brass tone ring
  • Buckhorn nut
  • Hawktail Tailpiece
  • Mac Bridge
  • Medium guage D’Addario strings
  • Hardshell Bump case included
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Banjo #100

$3,800 + tax

  • Dogwood neck and 12” diameter rim from Mac’s farm in Floyd County, Virginia
  • Bocote fingerboard and trim
  • Abalone Headstock inlay designed and cut out by Hanna Traynham
  • Raw brass hardware including Buckeye Banjo’s Shoes and wire style arm rest
  • 5/16th” rolled brass tone ring with 12” Stern leather head mounted by John Balch
  • Evo Gold Gotoh tuners with Tortoise Tuner buttons
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Handmade Banjo Bridges

Plain with no cap: $25 + tax & shipping
With top edge cap: $30 + tax & shipping

  • Bridges available for 5 string and 4 string banjos and banjo ukes
  • These bridges are based on a four-footed design that Mac once noticed on an antique banjo
  • The top edge is curved/concave allowing additional length for the 3rd string primarily to get better intonation when using the upper fret board area
  • Various lengths and heights are available. Heights range from 9/16th” to 3/4”
  • Standard height is 11/16th” with room for adjustment downward if desired

Custom Options for Bridges
(Add $5 each for custom request)

  • Various Woods are available including native Apple and Dogwood as well as Curley maple, Birdseye Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Sycamore
  • Top edges option

Plain with No Cap

  • Rosewood or Ebony cap
  • Red or Green veneer accent
  • Slot spacing and sized for medium guage steel strings
  • Standard
  • Crowe (slightly wider)
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Flatfooting Dance Boards

$75 + tax & shipping

  • These lightweight dance boards are designed for creating a rhythmic tone when dancing solo
  • They are made of 1/2” thick high quality baltic birch plywood and measure 24” x 24” x 2”
  • The hardwood edge lifts the board off the ground so the dancer is elevated off the ground or floor slightly to create a drum like effect
  • Side relief arcs allow the tone to be heard better from a distance
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